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                                                                            Play/Execute  01  Heartbreak Road 
                                                                            Play/Execute  02  Missing Link  
                                                                            Play/Execute  03  Mums Advise 
                                                                            Play/Execute  04  Truckstop Sweathearts 
                                                                            Play/Execute  05  Ordinary Country Girl 
                                                                            Play/Execute  06  Hello Hello 
                                                                            Play/Execute  07  Dad Was Fourty Seven 
                                                                            Play/Execute  08  New Breed Overlander 
                                                                            Play/Execute  09  My Country Trucker 
                                                                            Play/Execute  10  On The Longroad 
                                                                            Play/Execute  11  Free Woman 
                                                                            Play/Execute  12  Little Lake Maria 
                                                                            Play/Execute  13  Shakedown On The Floor 
                                                                            Play/Execute  14  As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue   
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                      Except of Course The Lyrics of Track 13 & 14 H.Lawson & B.Paterson 
                      And is made available here so that  Australian FM  Radio  Country  Music  Presenters  may download it and  
                                 broadcast it as they see fit without further contact with the copyright owners. 
                                 And the general public can download one set of files for their personal use. 
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                      CD Label:                                                                           Download 
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