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                This is as far as it goes this and the preceeding two pages are only for desiging ultimate Card Purchasing Facility 
                                      YOU ARE SECURE WHEN PURCHASING FROM THIS WEBSITE       
             Our online payments are processed and approved through the  Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  And eWay, 
        combined with SSL technology ensure your creditcard details are processed and stored safely.    You can be 
        confident of your security when purchasing from my web sites.  
         Credit Card Processing Payment Gateway E-Commerce
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              Postage and Handling and GST Information     
              We always have the CD's on this page available for immediate dispatch.  All packages are registerd mail.  
              Postage and handling is free within the Australian Mainland and Tasmania.        GST is Included in Price. 
              There is an additional charge of 10% for postage & handeling included in price. For overseas transactions 
              /deliveries in lieu of GST.     
             Contact Details 
        For information regarding Reciept of your purchase and Date of Mailing  Phone 02 68 425 226 (office hrs.)