This is the first CD I have completed in which all the songs are the product of a 
  single writer , Gary Woods based in Melbourne  Australia.  I met Gary whilst  
 busking at the 2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival.   
    Gary's  website is  there  you will be able to listen to his 
   songs and find out more about this prolific song writer/composer. 
      I  had my day, on the weekend of 20th / 21st October when my good friend     
 Declan  O'Callaghan released   "Country Tapestry  on  Community  FM  
 Satellite Radio.    Thank You Declan. 
       All the tracks on this CD can be heard as clips  from the My Cd's   page    
  I hope you have time to have a listen. 
             Also have a listen to what's new on www.  .